Our Second Annual ORF-RE7 Meeting was a Success!

On November 1st, we held our annual ORF-RE7 Meeting on Clean Manufacturing and Nanoengineering of Sustainable Materials. Thank you very much for coming out and participating on this day! We hope that you found the meeting informative and worthwhile, and had an enjoyable time connecting with other network participants and viewing the posters and presentations.

A big thank you to our industry partners, board members, principal investigators, students, postdoctoral fellows and other researchers:  your presence and participation is what helped make this event successful. Thank you again for attending!

The day opened with an inspiring Keynote talk by Dr. Shaffiq Jaffer, VP of Total American Services Inc., entitled the Future of Energy: Criticality of Systems Thinking.  On behalf of the CBBP team and the ORF-RE 7 network, we’d like to thank Dr. Shaffiq Jaffer of Total once more for sharing his esteemed knowledge and insights with us and his ongoing service as Chair of the Board, and Co-Supervisor of some of the trainees.

We’d also like to thank our industry partners for attending and making it to the board meeting that was scheduled early in the morning. Thank you to Dr. Jimi Tjong of Ford, Mr. Ed Bernard of Crestmold, and Dr. Arnaud Prebe of Hutchinson. Thank you also  judges on our poster evaluation panel, Prof. Cathy Chin, (Chair), Mr. Ed Bernard (Crestmold Inc.), and Dr. Omar Faruk (Ford) for your time and efforts expended to evaluate the posters.

Congratulations again to the poster award winners: Zhihui Yi (1st place), Baraka Gitari (2nd place), and Maria Semeniuk (3rd place).

Thanks also to Prof. Javad Mostaghimi, Prof. William Altenhof, Prof. Cathy Chin and Dr. Omar Faruk for Chairing the Sessional Talks. Last but certainly not least, thank you to all students and research fellows for presenting your work.

See you again next year at a bigger and better event!



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